Yandex Flavored Markdown

Yandex Flavored Markdown (YFM) is a Markdown dialect and a set of tools for transforming Markdown to HTML in real time and building complete documentation projects.

  • Corresponds to CommonMark Spec.
  • Includes its own set of plugins with additional features and markup elements.
  • Fast.
  • Expandable: you can add any plugin for markdown-it or write your own.
  • Safe: HTML is escaped by default.
  • Uses dynamic validation.
  • Allows you to build a documentation project.


The Yandex Flavored Markdown syntax is based on CommonMark Spec and has been supplemented with unique elements from other markup languages and template engines.

In particular:

For more information about all markup elements, see Syntax.

Creating documentation projects

Builder allows you to build a complete documentation project: with navigation, internal links, and full support for Yandex Flavored Markdown.

A built project is a set of static HTML files that can be viewed locally or on a host, in GitHub Pages, or in S3. It may include:

  • Table of contents.

  • Leading pages for quick navigation.

  • Variable presets to support multiple versions of documentation from the same source files.

  • Reusable content.

  • Custom display settings:

    • Wide format.
    • Current article navigation.
    • Dark theme.
    • Text size.

    You can try changing the settings right now: click settings-icon in the upper-right corner.

In addition to building all files in HTML, you can build to a single-page and in YFM.

Under development

Future YFM releases are expected to include the following features:

  • Static linter.
  • YFM generators from proto, OpenAPI, auto-generated Java, Python, C++, and Go documentation.
  • Customer satisfaction score (CSAT) on documentation pages.
  • Automatic local rebuild when changes are made.
  • Displaying contributors on pages.
  • Free hosting for open-source documentation projects.